Jeff got some nerve coming into my house, refusing to continue the Draeden storyline from where we left off, shitting on the developement, refusing to give me banter, on this day of my daughters wedding…

ironmels asked:

Hello:) So, I've been seeing all these "pack/den mom and dad" statements floating around on this thing and was wondering if you'd write a fic-thing about the pack being big dumb babies and getting into trouble and Draeden being done with their shenanigans? It doesn't have a whole lot of direction, but I can't get the image of exasperated!Braden and grumpy!Derek out of my head. And your writing is pretty darn dope, so I'm trusting you with this lol Mels

Diane Michelle Answer:


girl what have you gotten me into


"Im changing my number Scott." Braeden warns into her phone quickly rising from her comfortable position in Dereks arms, she heard Derek groan a "what now" from behind her as she walked into the bedroom to grab some weapons. "Something is after us. I dont know what it is. I dont know how to kill it." "Have you described it to Deaton?" she asked, now leaving the bedroom, "I figured it’d do no good." "Where are you?" "At the school-" Braeden sighed, "of course you are." -"we’re trapped in a classroom, it doesnt seem like it wants to get in, its just kind of..guarding the door." Braeden grabbed Dereks hand, pulling him out the door as she spoke, "well..describe it to me."

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but braeden making breakfast and she’s singing and dancing to check on it by Beyonce and Derek wakes up and he’s standing in the door way like. 

i will definitely check up on it.

Anonymous asked:

Derek and Braeden are stubborn and refuse to admit they have feelings for each other. Can you make it where Braeden and Scott becomes real close Please?(I love Braeden and Scott's dynamic.)

Diane Michelle Answer:



"So..did you kiss Derek?" "Excuse me, why on earth would I?"  Braeden slinks past him, gun held tightly in her hand. "I mean you always tell me to kiss Kira so I assumed-" "Youre in love with Kira." "Exactly..so I assumed you’d-" "Scott do you value your kneecaps?" "Do I?-Yes I do but-" "Then I suggest you dont finish that sentence and just look for what we came to look for."

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get to know me meme: [1/10] female characters lydia martin (teen wolf) 
“ I can’t just turn it on. I’m not like you guys. I don’t have claws or glowing eyes or super senses. I just have voices in my head. ”

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